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  • Fresh Champagne for Days: This sparkling wine stopper keeps your champagne fresh and fizzy for up to a week with an easy-to-use bottle stopper that is great for professional or home use
  • Snug Fit: Designed with a silicone seal, this champagne bottle stopper provides an airtight seal for your champagne or sparkling wine to preserve its signature taste and aroma; fits standard champagne bottle necks
  • Effortless: Twist the upper section in a counterclockwise motion, insert it into the bottleneck and press down firmly, then twist in the opposite direction to secure the champagne saver in place
  • Easy to Clean: Once you're done using the champagne sealer, take a soft, wet cloth to remove any remaining liquid, then dry the stopper completely before storing
  • Compact: With a leak-proof design, you can store your bottles horizontally to save space without the worry of creating a mess; made with a durable plastic body and measures 1.75 by 1.5 inches

Champagne Stopper for Bottles

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